Bridging the gap: Tokyo firms need Filipino IT talents

Japan’s IT sector is thriving but there is a significant shortage of domestically available IT engineers. According to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, the country is about to face a shortage of 789,000 IT-related professionals by 2030.

The quantity and quality of labor force is on the decline due in part to Japan’s aging population. The supply of local talent isn’t enough to fill the growing demand by Japanese companies. In contrast, countries like the Philippines for instance, are teeming with young and promising talents but hampered by the limited availability of fair-compensating work opportunities in their home country.

As the labor shortage of IT professionals in Japan becomes prominent, hiring foreign workers is gaining appeal. Skilled Filipino IT engineers in particular are gathering the attention of Japan companies.

In spite of this, the number of Filipino IT engineers in Japan is low. According to Japan’s Department of Labor and the Philippines Statistic Authority, Filipinos make up only 3% of the foreign IT workforce in Japan.


Why is this so? It’s because Japan’s need for more foreign workers has only recently been made public and while many Filipino IT professionals look forward to moving abroad for better employment, most of them are not yet aware of the growing opportunities that await them in Japan.

Japan is still a relatively new employment destination for Filipino IT professionals.  While there is already a big community of Japan Overseas Filipino Workers from other sectors, the Filipino IT community in the country is still ripe. Countries with big concentration of Filipino IT professionals include Singapore, North America and the Middle East. Applicants tend to gravitate towards these destinations because they already have an idea what is in there for them after having learned from the accounts of other Filipinos working in these countries. This should not deter IT workers, however, from considering Japan as an ideal employment destination. If you’re interested to learn more about the work-life situation in Japan, you can read from the perspective of a Filipino IT professional working in Japan here.

Why Japan? Japan can fare similarly, if not better than the popular countries when it comes to company compensation and benefits. On top of having good work benefits that include health insurance, commuting allowance and job security, the standard of living in Japan is amazing. A Bloomberg study ranked Japan at fourth place when it comes to having the most efficient health care. The country’s high life expectancy is testament to this. It is also worth mentioning that Japanese culture and food have earned huge followings and fan base across the globe. Let’s also not forget that Japan, particularly Tokyo, is well known for its technology and electronics industry throughout the world, and what better pride for an IT professional than to work in a city that boasts of such feat.

More often than not, despite the great number of IT-related job openings in Tokyo, Filipino IT professionals who wish to look for job opportunities abroad still find it difficult to apply from the Philippines. This is where WORK IN TOKYO (WIT) comes in. WIT bridges the gap between Tokyo-based companies and Filipino IT talents. In order to bridge that gap, WIT helps potential talents come to Tokyo for a tryout in a company by providing round-trip flights from the Philippines, accommodation during the tryout period and a stipend of ¥10,000 for meals. If you’re a Filipino IT professional and you want to have a try at working in Tokyo, go to this page.